• Offered Mon-Fri 7:30am – 6:00pm
  • Cost of Playcare = $28 / day
  • Required vaccines: Rabies (annually), Da2ppv (annually), Bordetella (annually), Negative fecal or Deworming (annually)
    • If the dog needs their vaccine(s) updated, they must wait 1 week after vaccination to partake in group Playcare, until then they can have Individual Playcare
  • Dogs must also be 5 months old and spayed or neutered to partake in group Playcare
  • If not, then they can have Individual Playcare
  • Each dog must pass a quick behavioral test to identify any people / dog / toy aggression or other behaviors unsuited for Playcare
    • These tests can be done while they are here for a day of Playcare
    • Owners are welcome to watch the test of their dog
    • Tests are free of charge, but they will need to pay for a day of Playcare
  • We aim to have 15 dogs / day in Playcare, but can have more if need be
  • We also offer Playcare Packages at a small discount:
    • Clients must pay for these in full and will receive a punch card to keep track of how many they have left.
      • 10 days (5% off): $266
      • 15 days (5% off): $399
      • 20 days (10% off): $532

      Playcare Daily Schedule:

      7:30-8:00am Drop-off time
      Each dog checks in with its daycare friends.  Any belongings are placed into their cubby while they have free time in the playroom.  

      8:00am-11:00am Morning activities / Free time in playroom
      Each dog will participate with their friends in ball-fetching, chasing games, wrestling and many special activities we schedule on a regular basis.

      11:00am-11:30am Individual time in kennels
      When we distribute snacks, each dog has a few special moments alone with one of our staff members.

      11:30am-1:00pm Nap/Quiet time
      Dogs rest in their individual kennels with soft music and lights out.  This is important quiet time as the dog has had a very active morning and will need to relax and recharge.

      1:00pm-5:00pm Afternoon activities / Free time in playroom
      In the afternoon, each dog will have individual play sessions or return to playing with their friends as free time in the playroom or a scheduled activity.

      5:00pm-5:30pm Individual attention
      Daycare dogs leaving to go home spend this time relaxing and getting cleaned up from their day.

      5:30pm-6:00pm Pick-up time