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Why Do Dogs And Cats Eat Grass?

Legend has it that dogs and cats eat grass because they are ill and need to vomit or they are suffering from some dietary deficiency. Veterinarians from the University of California at Davis School of Veterinary Medicine designed surveys to question pet owners about their pets’ grass-eating habits. Owners of healthy dogs reported that 80 […]

Rabies Is Here!

Rabies is real and it is alive and well in the Big Country. Many cases of rabies have already been reported this year. The Texas State Department of Health Services indicates that the incidence of the disease is on the rise. The disease is caused by a virus that is spread from mammal to mammal […]

Pets And Snakebites

Every year, rattlesnakes bite hundreds of dogs and cats in the Big Country. Animals are naturally curious and get bitten while investigating the rattling or slithering snake. The venom injected by the snake causes immediate pain, swelling and tissue damage. The severity of bites varies greatly. The damage done to the animal can range from […]

Housetraining Your Dog

As pets are becoming more a part of the social fabric, it is important that they have manners that allow them to live indoors. Some of a dog’s instinctual behavior is helpful in teaching indoor manners and some is not. Dogs that eliminate in the house were probably never properly housetrained. A well-housetrained dog can […]

Heartworms — The Silent Killer

“My dog doesn’t have heartworms. He’s not sick. He can’t have heartworms.” This is a very common misconception by pet owners heard daily by veterinarians. The fact is; most dogs infected with heartworms have absolutely no symptoms for several years until they develop heart and lung damage from the heartworm infestation. Heartworms are spread from […]

Fleas, Fleas, Fleas!

Spring rains and summer temperatures signal and cause the beginning of flea season. While dogs, cats and other small mammals are fleas’ favorite hosts, humans will provide a good meal for any hungry flea. Fleas are a nuisance but can also transmit diseases to people such as bubonic plague, murine typhus and spotted fever. They […]

Extending Your Pet’s Life

No one likes to think about a beloved pet growing older. We cringe, as the once exuberant puppy needs help up stairs or tires after a short walk. When the always-healthy family dog suddenly stops eating, we worry what the cause might be. Extending your pet’s life may require some effort and investment, but enjoying […]

Embrace Spring With Your Dog

After a long winter, your dog would enjoy some special attention from the most important person in its life. The days are getting warmer, longer and better for enjoying your canine companion. The following are a few tips for ushering in spring with your dog. Lose a few. Chances are Fido has gained a few […]

Dentistry For Pets

Pets have teeth too! We often do not think about the care of our pets’ teeth until an illness draws our attention to their mouths. Dental disease is very common in dogs and cats. If they would brush and floss twice a day, they would not have so many problems. So it becomes necessary for […]

Animal Behavior Myths

Behavioral issues are the leading cause of relinquishment of pets to local shelters and also the number one reason for euthanasia of pets in the United States. Many pets lose their lives because of myths about behavior problems. A little understanding of these issues could prevent needless loss of otherwise healthy animals. One prevalent myth […]

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